About me

Hi! I'm Sahid and I am a rising final year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Engineering Department HSTU .


B.Sc.(Engineering) in Computer Science and Engineering

January 2018 - Est. November 2023

Clarification for the prolonged timeframe of the B.Sc. program:

  • Faculty members were away from their duties for approximately 3.5 months to achieve their demands in 2018.
  • Corona pandemic.

Research Areas: My research focuses on optimization, federated learning, and their interplays.

Research Interest: Design and performance analysis of large-scale principle learning algorithm including both theoretical aspects and practical implementations by considering trustworthy machine learning (robustness, fairness, and transparency). A compilation of topics that I am actively thinking about/working on is as follows:

  • - Designing and analyzing an optimal federated learning algorithm that addresses challenges related to communication efficiency, real-world statistical data heterogeneity, and computational heterogeneity while ensuring compatibility with the system architecture.
  • - Continuing research in optimization to develop novel techniques for accelerating convergence, reducing training time, and minimizing resource requirements in machine learning and deep learning models.

I am consistently enthusiastic about designing straightforward and well-founded algorithms that are applicable, scalable, and adaptable to real-world challenges. The genuine fascination in this area stems from what we can do when we integrate advanced learning techniques with a system.


I have participated in Technocracy 2019 and NCPC 2020 onsite programming contests. Also participated in numerous online programming contest on various online judges Codeforces , Codechef and UVa . I have served on the program committees of Programmers Arena 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.