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Increasing Parallelism in Cross-silo Federated Learning and Applications for Brain Disease Classification.

Journal Article

Performance Discrepancy Mitigation in Heart Disease Prediction for Multisensory Inter-Datasets.

Journal Article

Filtering Iraqi Diabetes Data Dynamics and Predictive Modeling of Multi-class Diabetes Mellitus Using Machine Learning.

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B.Sc. Theses

Cross-silo Federated Learning for Brain Disease Classification.


Principal Advisor: Hasi Saha

Associate Advisor: Md. Rashedul Islam

Level-4, Semester-I


Effect of imbalance data handling techniques to improve the accuracy of heart disease prediction using machine learning and deep learning


Md. Abdus Sahid, Mahmudul Hasan , Nazrin Akter , Md Motiur Rahman Tareq

2022 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP). Oral Presentation